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Naomi Knight
4 min readMar 17, 2021


5 strategies to grow through life

Coronavirus has shattered any illusion we may have had about our ability to control external circumstances, situations and environments. We have had to become comfortable with uncertainty.

The only certainty any of us can have is our certainty in ourselves: knowing that we alone choose how we think and respond to situations, opportunities and change.

Letting go of the need to control and influence everything is an extreme challenge for many of us.

And whilst 2020 was a horror show for billions, it reaffirmed the importance of a mindset of self-reliance and esteem and an attitude of grit — always choosing to strive, seek out hope and never give up no matter what the odds.

Resilience has become one of the most utilised buzz words of the last year. However, I wonder how many of us understand what ‘resilience’ is and how we can build, strengthen and expand it.

Defined as the ability to recover from setbacks and overcome adversity — people or organisations characterised as resilient have three key traits:

  • a staunch acceptance of reality
  • a deep belief, often buttressed by firmly held values, that life is meaningful



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